Best Gaming Phone in the Philippines 2024

Best gaming phone have landed like superheroes in the bustling streets of the Philippines, and they’re changing the game—literally! Imagine holding a tiny arcade in your hands, where every tap and swipe leads to epic battles and grand adventures. In a place where smiles and excitement are a big part of life, these gadgets bring the thrill of gaming to everyone.

Why are these high-tech toys a big deal here? Well, Filipinos love to play and connect, and gaming phones are like the Swiss Army knives of fun. They’re built tough to keep up with action-packed games and long chats with friends. With these phones, you can leap into a fantasy world on your jeepney ride home, or challenge your neighbor to a virtual duel while waiting for your adobo to cook.

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

The best gaming phone is not just about the flashy lights and cool sounds. It’s about bringing people together. In the Philippines, where festivals and family gatherings are the heart of the culture, these phones add an extra layer of joy. They help friends and families bond over winning scores and shared gaming quests, creating memories one level at a time.

And let’s not forget, these gaming phones are also like mini-cinemas! With their big, bright screens, they make watching your favorite Filipino teleseryes and vlogs as enjoyable as playing games. So, it’s no wonder that in a land full of warm people and beautiful islands, the best gaming phone has become a beloved sidekick—making every moment more fun and every connection more exciting.

1. Asus ROG 6: Best Gaming Phone

best gaming phone

If you’re on the prowl for a mobile powerhouse that doesn’t burn through your wallet, then buckle up ’cause the ASUS ROG Phone 6 is the talk of the town! This bad boy launched in July 2022, and it’s been flexing its muscles on the mobile gaming stage ever since. With a sleek body that’s armored in Gorilla Glass Victus upfront and Gorilla Glass 3 in the rear, this phone is a tank. Weighing in at a solid 239 grams, it’s got the heft that says, “I mean business.” And with its dual SIM support and IPX4 water resistance, it’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

Now, let’s get into the real juicy stuff – the display. Imagine your games and videos popping off a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen with 1 billion colors and a refresh rate that goes all the way up to a buttery-smooth 165Hz. HDR10+? Check. Peak brightness of 1200 nits? Oh, you bet. This beast is all about that crisp, vibrant visual experience, and with the tough Gorilla Glass Victus protecting it, you know it’s built to last.

More Specs

Under the hood, the ASUS ROG Phone 6 is no slouch either. We’re talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset that’s all the rage, paired with a GPU that’ll keep your games slicker than a greased otter sliding down a water slide. And with configurations going up to 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, you can say goodbye to lag. Android 12 is ready to go out of the box, and you can level up to Android 13 when you feel like it, keeping you ahead of the game.

This gaming goliath is equipped with a triple camera setup that’ll snap your life in detail – 50MP wide, 13MP ultrawide, and a nifty 5MP macro. Want to shoot an 8K video? No problem. The selfie game is strong with a 12MP front camera, too. And when it comes to sound, those stereo speakers with Hi-Res audio turn your gaming sessions into a symphony of bullets and explosions. Last but not least, the 6000 mAh battery keeps you in the game longer, and when you do need a charge, it goes from zero to a hundred real quick – in just 42 minutes!

NOW Available on Lazada: Asus ROG 6

2. Infinix Note 30 5g

best gaming phone

Ready for a screen that’s as smooth as butter? The Infinix Note 30 5G boasts a 6.78-inch IPS LCD display that refreshes at 120Hz. Say goodbye to laggy scrolling! With 580 nits peak brightness, it’s like carrying a mini sun in your pocket – everything looks crisp and clear. And that 1080×2460 pixel resolution? Your eyes will thank you, as every image pops with detail.

Under the hood, this affordable powerhouse is revving with a Mediatek Dimensity 6080 chipset. We’re talking smooth and speedy performance with its octa-core CPU and Mali-G57 GPU. Choose between 128GB/4GB RAM or 256GB/8GB RAM variants, and if that’s not enough, pop in a microSDXC card. Android 13 runs the show, so you’re getting the latest and greatest, with all the bells and whistles.

Snap picture-perfect memories with the 108 MP triple main camera, or strike a pose with the 16 MP selfie camera – both with LED flash for those low-light moments. And with a 5000 mAh battery, the Infinix Note 30 5G keeps up with you all day. Need a quick juice-up? The 45W wired charging has got your back.

NOW Available on Lazada: Infinix Note 30 5g

3. Lenovo Legion Y70

best gaming phone in the philippines

Dive into a visual feast with the Y70’s dazzling 8.8-inch IPS LCD screen, boasting a smooth 144Hz refresh rate, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. With 500 nits of brightness, your shows and games will pop with color and detail. Plus, with its slim 7.6mm profile and featherlight 350g frame, this tablet is all about slipping into your bag and making each day more vibrant. Whether you’re a movie buff or a mobile gamer, this screen is your ticket to immersive experiences on the go.

Under the hood, the Lenovo Y70 is a beast! Powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and up to a whopping 16GB RAM, it’s ready to tackle anything you throw at it. From multitasking to gaming, it’s smooth sailing. And with up to 512GB of storage plus a microSDXC slot, you’ll have plenty of room for all your stuff. The dual-camera setup is your go-to for capturing moments, while that 8MP front cam makes sure your selfies and video calls are on point.

And let’s not forget the sound – with stereo speakers tuned by JBL, your audio experience will be top-notch. No headphone jack? No problem. Bluetooth’s got you covered. Plus, a beefy 6550 mAh battery means you’re powered up for hours of fun. Fast 45W charging gets you back in the game in no time.

NOW Available on Lazada: Lenovo Legion Y70

4. Tecno Spark 10 Pro: Best Gaming Phone

First off, the Tecno Spark 10 Pro flaunts a sleek 6.8-inch IPS LCD display that rocks a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. Imagine scrolling through your feeds or gaming without a stutter – pure bliss! With its 1080 x 2460 pixels, your eyes are in for a treat with sharp, clear visuals. Plus, this device wraps up its style with a glossy glass front and back, and a sturdy plastic frame.

Under the hood, it’s powered by Android 13 with a Mediatek Helio G88 chipset, making multitasking a breeze. Choose from 4GB or 8GB RAM options, with up to 256GB of storage for all your apps and snaps. And with dual SIM support, keep both work and play lines open with no fuss. The dedicated microSDXC slot? That’s your ticket to endless storage expansion.

The Spark 10 Pro’s got you covered with a 50MP main camera for stunning shots, complemented by an auxiliary lens to capture every detail. Selfie game strong with a 32MP front camera, both rocking dual-LED flash for those low-light moments. Whether you’re recording your adventures or video calling, expect crisp, vibrant quality.

And let’s talk staying power – a 5000mAh battery keeps you juiced up for the long haul. Plus, with 18W wired charging, you won’t be tethered to the wall for long. All this is packaged neatly in two classic colors: Starry Black and Pearl White. For a price that’ll keep your wallet comfy, this phone is a steal.

NOW Available on Lazada: Tecno Spark 10 Pro

4. Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro: Best Gaming Phone

This bad boy roared into the scene on March 23, 2021, and it’s been shaking up the game ever since. With a design that’s slick and sturdy, it boasts dimensions that make it a perfect fit for your grip. And let’s not forget the dual SIM support plus those nifty pop-up gaming triggers – talk about having an edge in your next battle royale!

Now, let’s talk display. Imagine diving into a world where colors pop and the action is smoother than butter with its Super AMOLED, 144Hz, HDR10+ screen. At 6.67 inches, you’re getting some serious real estate that’s lit up brighter than a Christmas tree at its peak of 1300 nits. And always-on display means your important info is just a glance away. No more fumbling around to check the time during those late-night gaming sessions!

More Specs

Under the hood, this phone is a monster! It’s rocking an Android 11 with Joy UI 12.5, powered by the mighty Snapdragon 888 5G chipset. This means you’re getting an octa-core CPU that’s ready to handle whatever you throw at it, and the Adreno 660 GPU is like having a mini arcade in your pocket. And memory? You’ve got options! From a cool 128GB up to a whopping 512GB with RAM that can go head-to-head with some laptops. Plus, UFS 3.1 ensures your games and apps load faster than a cheetah on a sugar rush.

Snap pics like a pro with the triple camera setup, boasting a 64 MP main sensor to capture your life in crystal clarity. And for those epic selfies, the 20 MP front camera has got you covered. With stereo speakers and Hi-Res audio, your tunes and game sounds are going to be an ear-candy experience. And battery woes? Forget about ’em! This shark comes with a 4500 mAh battery that gets juiced up lightning fast thanks to the 120W hyper charge – zero to a hundred in just 15 minutes.

NOW Available on Shopee: Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro

5. Realme Note 50: Best Gaming Phone

Best Gaming Phone

Let’s talk looks and brawn. The Realme Note 50 rocks a sleek glass front with a sturdy plastic frame and back, meaning it’s got the style of a flagship without the fragile heart. Plus, it shrugs off dust and splashes like a champ, thanks to its IP54 rating. All this is packed into a slim 8mm profile that weighs in at just 186 grams. And that screen? A generous 6.74 inches of IPS LCD goodness, with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate and a bright 560 nits peak to make your visuals pop!

Under the hood? The Realme Note 50 is no slouch. We’re talking about the Unisoc Tiger T612 chipset, an octa-core processor that keeps things running smoothly as butter. Choose from 3 or 4 gigs of RAM and up to 128GB of storage – expandable, of course, with a dedicated microSD slot. Android 13 with Realme UI? Check! It’s a multitasking, app-swiping, game-playing powerhouse.

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Now, let’s not forget about the cameras – a crucial companion for your daily adventures. Snap, click and capture with the 13MP main camera, backed by an auxiliary lens to seal the deal. Selfies? The 5MP front camera’s got you covered. Both deliver crisp, clear memories, whether you’re shooting a sweeping panorama or just snapping a quick pic with friends. Oh, and with a huge 5000mAh battery, you’re juiced up for hours upon hours of fun – and when it’s time to charge, the 10W wired charging gets you back in the game, fast.

NOW Available on Lazada: Realme Note 50

6. Itel s23+: Best Gaming Phone

Best Gaming Phone

It’s fresh off the press, announcing its arrival on September 19, 2023, and guess what? It’s ready to rock your world without burning a hole in your wallet. With a sleek 7.9 mm body that weighs just 178 grams, this little champion fits in your hand like it was made for it. And with a tough glass front and sturdy plastic frame, it’s ready to take on life’s little tumbles. Plus, its dual SIM setup means you’re always connected, whether you’re juggling work or play.

Now, let’s dazzle you with the S23+’s display—it’s a real beauty. We’re talking about a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen that shines bright like a diamond with 500 nits at peak brightness. Its 1080 x 2400 pixels and 20:9 ratio give you clarity that’s as sharp as your wit, and with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, it’s tough enough to handle your hustle. Always-on display? You bet! You’ll never miss a thing and all that in an affordable package.

More Specs

This device packs a punch with Android 13 and Itel OS 13, tailor-made for a smooth experience. The Unisoc Tiger T616 chipset, with its octa-core processor and Mali-G57 MP1 GPU, keeps things running faster than a downtown express. Whether you’re a multitasker or a storage hoarder, with up to 256GB and 8GB RAM options, the S23+ has got you covered. No memory card slot, though, but who needs one when you’ve got space like that?

Finally, let’s snap to the cameras – a crisp 50 MP main snapper to capture your moments in full glory and a 32 MP selfie shooter to make sure your face game is strong. Both record in 1080p, so your memories are always in high-def. And when the day is done, the 5000 mAh battery won’t quit on you, while the 18W wired charging gets you back in the game fast.

NOW Available on Lazada: Itel s23+

7. Realme c53: Best Gaming Phone

Best Gaming Phone

First off, this pocket-friendly powerhouse launched on May 31, 2023, comes in a sleek package weighing just 182 grams and has a build that’s easy on the eyes and your hands. Sporting a 6.74-inch display that’s all about crisp and smooth scrolling with 90Hz of goodness, it lights up your world with 560 nits peak brightness. And with its dual SIM setup, you’re always connected, juggling calls and data like a pro.

Now, let’s talk brains and brawn. The Realme C53 is rocking Android 13 with a Realme UI touch, powered by the Unisoc Tiger T612 chipset. This means you’re cruising through apps with an octa-core CPU and Mali-G57 GPU. With up to 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, say goodbye to lag and hello to multitasking magic. Plus, there’s room for all your memories with a microSDXC slot!

Camera game strong? You bet! Snap stunning shots with the 50 MP main camera or add depth to your portraits with the secondary depth sensor. Selfies? The 8 MP front camera has got you covered. When it’s time to jam out or watch the latest viral video, the loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack ensure your audio needs are met. No NFC, but hey, at this price point, you’re still sitting pretty!

Finally, the stamina. This beast boasts a 5000 mAh battery that can slurp up 50% charge in just 31 minutes, thanks to the 33W fast charging. All day, all night – the Realme C53 won’t quit on you.

NOW Available on Lazada: Realme c53

8. Techno Spark 20 Pro: Best Gaming Phone

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and savvy shoppers! Are you on the hunt for an affordable mobile that doesn’t skimp on the features? Let me introduce you to the Techno Spark 20 Pro, your next wallet-friendly powerhouse. This baby was unveiled on December 15, 2023, and it’s been turning heads ever since. With a sleek body measuring just 8.4 mm thin and boasting a glass front, plastic back, and frame, it’s dust and splash-resistant too. Dual SIM slots? Check. Ready to keep you connected wherever you go.

Now, let’s talk display because the Techno Spark 20 Pro is all about that visual treat. Imagine a smooth 6.78-inch IPS LCD screen that refreshes at a whopping 120Hz. That’s right, whether you’re gaming or scrolling, every tap and swipe is buttery smooth. And with a 1080 x 2460 pixel resolution, everything looks crisp and clear. Running on the latest Android 13 with a Mediatek Helio G99 chipset humming under the hood, this phone is snappy and efficient, thanks to its octa-core CPU and Mali-G57 graphics. With 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM, say goodbye to lag and hello to multitasking magic.

More Specs

The main camera is a jaw-dropping 108 MP! Snap high-res photos with ease, and those auxiliary lenses are there to back you up. Plus, a Quad-LED flash and HDR means your shots are well-lit and full of detail, day or night. And for the selfie crowd, a 32 MP front camera with a dual-LED flash makes sure your face game is strong. Whether you’re capturing 1440p videos or streaming, the Techno Spark 20 Pro doesn’t miss a beat.

Let’s not forget about staying powered up. The 5000 mAh battery has got your back, and with 33W wired charging, you’ll be up and running in no time. From Moonlit Black to Magic Skin 2.0 Green, there’s a color for every style. And with stereo speakers, a 3.5mm jack, and all the latest comms features including NFC, this phone is as connected as it is stylish.

NOW Available on Lazada: Techno Spark 20 Pro

9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 13: Best Gaming Phone

This sleek device is not just a looker; it’s built tough with Gorilla Glass 5 and flaunts a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen that makes colors pop like a pro artist’s palette. We’re talking a billion colors here, folks (depending on where you’re at), with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for buttery scrolling and a peak brightness of 1000 nits to shine bright like a diamond, even under the blistering sun. And if you’re worried about splashes and dust, chill! It’s got IP54 resistance to keep it safe and sound.

The Redmi Note 13 is all about speed and power. Running on Android 13 with MIUI 14, this bad boy is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 6080 chipset and comes in different RAM flavors – 6GB, 8GB, or a whopping 12 GB. Plus, with up to 256GB of storage, you’re all set to store all your selfies, games, and watch-worthy series. Into photography? The triple camera setup with a 108MP main sensor lets you capture life’s moments in stunning clarity. And for the selfie stars, a 16MP front camera ensures your game is strong.

You’ve got high-res audio to treat your ears, and gamers, say goodbye to lag with its liquid-smooth graphics. It’s also got a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for that quick unlock, and with a 5000 mAh battery plus 33W fast charging, you’re powered all day and then some. So, if you’re hunting for an affordable mobile that doesn’t skimp on the goodies, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 is your ticket to tech nirvana.

NOW Available on Lazada: Xiaomi Redmi Note 13

10. POCO X6 Pro 5G: Best Gaming Phone

We’re talking a sleek design, a choice between a swanky glass or eco-leather back, and it’s tough as nails with Gorilla Glass 5. Plus, it laughs in the face of dust and splashes with its IP54 rating. And with dual SIM support, you’re always connected.

Now, let’s dive into that dazzling display. Imagine your world in 68 billion colors on a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, so smooth with a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s got HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and brightness that soars up to 1800 nits at its peak. All of this with a resolution that’ll make your eyes pop – we’re talking 1220 x 2712 pixels of pure clarity.

The Poco X6 Pro runs on Android 14, with a Mediatek Dimensity 8300 Ultra chipset that’s snappy and efficient. With an octa-core CPU and a Mali G615-MC6 GPU, you can game, stream, and multitask like a boss. Choose from up to 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM – farewell lag and hello lightning-fast performance. And forget about memory cards; this beast has enough space to keep all your essentials close at hand.

The triple camera setup ensures you capture every moment in all its glory. Snap those wide-angle shots, ultra-detailed macros, and everything in between. And when it’s time for a selfie, the 16MP front shooter has you covered. Throw in rapid 67W wired charging to juice up that hefty 5000 mAh battery in no time, and you’ve got a phone that keeps up with your hustle all day.

NOW Available on Lazada: POCO X6 Pro 5G

Also Available on Shopee: POCO X6 Pro 5G

11. HONOR X9b: Best Gaming Phone

Feast your eyes on the latest budget-friendly powerhouse, the Honor X9a. This bad boy just burst onto the scene and it’s packed with features that’ll make your wallet sing with joy. Let’s dive into what makes this device a standout in the sea of smartphones!

First off, the Honor X9b flaunts an eye-popping 6.78-inch AMOLED display that’ll make your visuals pop with a billion colors and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Whether you’re watching the latest series or scrolling through your feed, that 1200 nits peak brightness and crisp 1220 x 2652 pixels resolution mean everything looks sharp and vibrant. And with a 91.2% screen-to-body ratio, you’re practically all screen, all the time!

This phone is no slouch. It’s powered by the snappy Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chipset and comes in two hefty memory variants – a roomy 256GB with either 8GB or 12GB of RAM. Running on Android 13 with Magic OS 7.2, you’ve got a smooth operator that keeps up with your multitasking madness without breaking a sweat. Plus, no more “Storage Almost Full” notifications – store all the memories and apps you want!

More Specs

The triple-threat on the back includes a whopping 108 MP main sensor that captures stunning detail, a 5 MP ultrawide for those epic landscapes, and a 2 MP macro for close-up shots that’ll have you seeing the world in a whole new way. And for the selfie connoisseurs, a sharp 16 MP front camera ensures your game is strong. From 4K video to portrait masterpieces, the Honor X9b has you covered.

Now, let’s talk about staying power. This beauty comes with a hefty 5800 mAh battery that keeps you juiced up all day and then some. And when it’s time to recharge, that 35W wired charging means you’re back in action in no time. Available in three stunning colors – Sunrise Orange, Midnight Black, and Emerald Green – it’s a looker that matches your style.

NOW Available on Lazada: HONOR X9b

12. Redmi Note 13 Pro: Best Gaming Phone

This bad boy packs a punch with its sleek design and powerhouse specs. Imagine holding this gem, with a 161.2 x 74.2 x 8 mm body that weighs just 187 grams. It feels just right in your palm, and with Gorilla Glass Victus on deck, it’s tough as nails too. Whether you’re a one-hand texter or a dual-wielder, it’s got you covered with Nano-SIM and eSIM options, plus it’s IP54 rated to shrug off dust and splashes.

Now, let’s chat display because this thing is a beaut. A 6.67-inch AMOLED screen lights up your world with a whopping 68 billion colors at a fluid 120Hz refresh rate. Dolby Vision? Check. Sunlight blaring down? No sweat, with 1200 nits and a peak of 1800 nits, you’re clear to see every detail. The resolution? A crisp 1220 x 2712 pixels. So, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just scrolling, this display keeps it real and really vibrant.

More Specs

The Redmi Note 13 Pro is like that reliable buddy who’s always up for anything. It’s rocking Android 13, ready to jump to Android 14, and powered by the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset. Combine that with up to 16GB of RAM, and you’ve got a multitasking monster. No more “please close other apps” nonsense here. And storage? From 128GB to a whopping 512GB, all on speedy UFS 2.2. So, download to your heart’s content – this phone can take it.

But wait, we haven’t even talked about cameras yet. Get this: a 200 MP main shooter that’s all about crystal-clear photos, with OIS to keep it steady. Plus, an ultra-wide and macro to capture all angles. Selfies? The 16 MP front cam has got you. And when it comes to juice, the 5100 mAh battery is like an energy drink that lasts all day – zap it to 50% in just 17 minutes.

NOW Available on Shopee: Redmi Note 13 Pro

13. HONOR 90: Best Gaming Phone

With a launch that set tongues wagging on May 29th, 2023, it hit the shelves by June 7th, and oh boy, it’s been a crowd-pleaser!

First off, let’s dive into that sleek design. The Honor 90 doesn’t just slip into your pocket at a cool 183 grams; it’s a looker too, with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display that’s all about vibrant colors and smooth scrolling, thanks to that 120Hz refresh rate. And the HDR10+? Your eyes are in for a treat with those popping visuals, whether you’re gaming or watching. Plus, the peak brightness of 1600 nits means even the sunniest days won’t put a damper on your screen time.

Now, the camera – get ready to snap Insta-worthy pics all day, every day. The triple threat on the back includes a whopping 200 MP main sensor that guarantees stunning detail, paired with a 12 MP ultrawide for those epic landscapes, and a 2 MP depth sensor to get that perfect bokeh. Selfie game strong? You bet, with a 50 MP front camera that’ll make your selfies shine. And with 4K video capabilities, your memories will be just as crisp as real life.

Running the latest Android 13 with MagicOS 7.1 on a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip, it’s got all the muscle you need for smooth, responsive performance. Gaming, multitasking, you name it – with up to 16GB of RAM, this phone keeps up with your pace. And don’t even get me started on battery life – a 5000mAh powerhouse ensures you’re juiced up for all-day action, plus 66W fast charging means you’ll be back in the game in no time.

NOW Available on Lazada: HONOR 90

Also Available on Shopee: HONOR 90

14. POCO F5 Pro

First up, let’s chat display and design because the Poco F5 Pro is dressed to impress. With a dazzling 6.67-inch AMOLED screen boasting 68 billion colors, 120Hz refresh rate, and peak brightness of 1400 nits, your eyes are in for a treat. The cherry on top? It’s wrapped in Gorilla Glass 5 and it’s splash-resistant, so it’s tough enough to hang with you on your daily adventures.

Rocking the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, it’s ready to turbocharge your gaming sessions and keep your apps snappy. With up to 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless multitasking.

Now, let’s talk cameras. The Poco F5 Pro packs a triple threat on the back with a 64MP main shooter that’ll make your photos pop, an 8MP ultrawide for those epic landscapes, and a 2MP macro to get up close and personal. And for you selfie stars, the 16MP front camera ensures your game stays strong. Whether it’s an 8K video or a pro-grade portrait, this phone nails it.

Lastly, we can’t forget about staying powered up. The Poco F5 Pro’s 5160mAh battery is a marathon runner, and with 67W fast charging, you’re juiced up to 50% in just 15 minutes! Plus, with 30W wireless charging, you can ditch the cables and still power up in a flash.

NOW Available on Lazada: POCO F5 Pro

15. Xiaomi 13T

Launched just a few months back on September 26, 2023, this best gaming phone is all about giving you the bang for your buck.

Let’s talk design – we’re looking at a sleek body that’s as sturdy as it is stylish, with Gorilla Glass 5 and an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. The 6.67-inch AMOLED display? It’s a feast for the eyes with its 144Hz refresh rate and peak brightness that’s literally off the charts at 2600 nits.

The Mediatek Dimensity 8200 Ultra chipset is the heart of the operation, ensuring smooth sailing through apps and tasks. And with options of 8GB or 12GB of RAM, lag is a thing of the past. No memory card slot? No problem! With a hefty 256GB of internal storage, you’ve got space to spare for all your snaps, apps, and maps.

Now, let’s chat cameras because Xiaomi and Leica are serving up a triple-threat main camera setup that’s pure gold. A 50 MP main shooter with OIS, a 50 MP telephoto for those close-ups, and a 12 MP ultrawide to grab more of every scene. And for the selfie buffs? A sharp 20 MP front camera ensures your selfie game stays strong. All this plus stereo speakers and super-fast 67W charging that’ll juice up your 5000 mAh battery in just 42 minutes! So, get ready to snap, share, and stream all day long.

NOW Available on Lazada: Xiaomi 13T

Also Available on Shopee: Xiaomi 13T


The best gaming phone is like the fastest jeepney, zipping through the streets without a hiccup. It means games run smoother than a bamboo dance, keeping you on your toes and ready for anything.

So, in the Philippines, where each day is a new adventure, the best gaming phone is your trusty sidekick. It’s relevant because it’s not just a gadget; it’s a passport to an endless fiesta of fun and friends, right in your pocket.

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