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Ever wonder where to find a hidden gem in the Philippines that’s bursting with natural wonders and warm smiles? Let me take you to Iligan City in Lanao del Norte! Known as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls,” Iligan City is crammed full of surprises. You wouldn’t believe the number of waterfalls this place has – 24! Can you imagine that? It’s like nature gave a paintbrush to this city and said, “Paint as many waterfalls as you like!”

And the people? Oh, they’re the heart and soul of this city. Known for their kindness and hospitality, they’ll make you feel like you’re part of their family from day one. And I haven’t even started with the food yet! Have you ever tried a dish so good that it made you dance? If not, then you’re in for a treat in Iligan City. But hey, I won’t spill all the beans here. Stick around, and let’s dive deeper into what makes Iligan City an absolute hoot!

Interior of Saint Michael Cathedral in Iligan City
By Hans Olav Lien – Own work, Public Domain

Delving into the Rich History of Iligan City

Our journey begins in the pre-colonial era, the time before the Spanish set foot on Philippine shores. Indigenous groups primarily inhabited Iligan City. They called the city “Iligan,” derived from the word “Ilig,” which means “to go downstream.” This name reflects the city’s geographical features, particularly the abundance of mighty rivers flowing through it.

As we move forward, the Spanish arrived in 1572, marking the beginning of Iligan’s colonial period. They established a settlement and converted the locals to Christianity, significantly influencing the city’s cultural and social fabric. The famed Fort of St. Michael, constructed in 1642, stands as a testament to this era. Even today, the fortified walls echo the Spanish influence on Iligan’s history.

Transitioning to the American regime in the early 1900s, Iligan City underwent a significant transformation. The Americans introduced public education and infrastructure development, particularly focusing on the city’s potential for hydroelectric power. This paved the way for the city’s industrialization, and Iligan became known as the “Industrial City of the South.”

World War II brought a challenging time for Iligan City. The Japanese forces occupied the city, but the determined citizens resisted, leading to Iligan’s liberation in 1945. This period of struggle imbued the city’s residents with a strong spirit of resilience, which continues to define their character today.

Finally, we arrive in the post-war era, a time of recovery and growth for Iligan City. The city saw a rapid increase in population and economic activity. The establishment of industries, particularly in agribusiness and hydroelectric power, propelled Iligan into becoming a regional economic powerhouse.

Unforgettable Activities in Iligan

One of the must-try activities in Iligan City is waterfall hopping. Start with Maria Cristina Falls, the city’s most famous waterfall. It’s not just a sight to behold, but also a significant source of hydroelectric power. Next, visit Tinago Falls, hidden in a deep ravine. Its name means “hidden,” and reaching it is an adventure itself.

For the thrill-seekers, Mimbalot Falls offers an exhilarating rappelling experience. If you prefer a serene environment, the calm and peaceful flow of Timoga Springs is perfect. It’s a natural spring pool with cool, crystal-clear water.

What To Eat in Iligan City?

Our journey begins with the city’s most celebrated dish – Lechon. Iligan City takes pride in its Lechon, which stands out due to its unique flavors. Cooks meticulously prepare it by stuffing herbs and spices inside a whole pig, which is then roasted to perfection over an open fire. The result? A tantalizing feast of crispy skin and succulent meat that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Moving on, we encounter a sweet treat that is equally loved – Cheding’s peanuts. This home-grown brand started in the 1960s and has been a city favorite ever since. Whether you prefer them plain, sugar-coated, or garlicky, these peanuts are a must-try when visiting Iligan.

Transitioning to street food, Iligan City offers an array of delightful bites. ‘Proven,’ a popular snack made from the proventriculus part of a chicken, is deep-fried and typically paired with a spicy vinegar dip. Similarly, ‘Kwek-Kwek,’ quail eggs coated in an orange batter and deep-fried, is a delight for anyone craving a quick, delicious snack.

Now, let’s explore the city’s seafood cuisine. Given its coastal location, Iligan City serves a variety of fresh seafood dishes. ‘Kinilaw,’ similar to ceviche, is a local favorite. Cooks prepare it by marinating fresh fish or seafood in vinegar, chili, and local spices, creating a dish that is both tangy and spicy, reflecting the city’s vibrant culinary spirit.

Lastly, no culinary journey in Iligan City would be complete without experiencing ‘Palapa.’ This spicy condiment, made from scallions, ginger, and chili, is a signature taste of the Maranao people, an indigenous group in Iligan. It accompanies many dishes, adding a fiery kick that leaves you wanting more.

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Iligan City

Iligan City, with its diverse attractions, is a paradise for tourists. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, the city offers a variety of experiences that cater to different interests.

Firstly, the city’s waterfalls are its main attraction. Maria Cristina Falls, the most famous among them, is a sight to behold. This waterfall is not just a tourist spot but also a source of hydroelectric power for the city.

Next, venture into the hidden beauty of Tinago Falls. As its name suggests, this waterfall is tucked away in a ravine, requiring a bit of an adventure to reach. The journey is worth it, as the sight of the cascading water against the lush greenery is truly mesmerizing.

Transitioning from the waterfalls, the Ma. Cristina Ancestral House is a must-visit. This Spanish-era house provides a glimpse into Iligan City’s rich history. Its well-preserved architecture and antique collections tell stories of the city’s past.

For nature enthusiasts, Mount Agad-Agad offers a different kind of adventure. As the city’s highest peak, it provides a panoramic view of Iligan City. The hike up the mountain is a rewarding experience, with the breathtaking view at the top as the ultimate prize.

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to visit Timoga Springs. This natural spring pool is a perfect spot for relaxation. Its cool, crystal-clear water, surrounded by lush greenery, provides a serene environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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Festivals and Events in Iligan City

To start off, let’s talk about the big one, the Kaamulan Festival. Now, you might be thinking, “What’s this Kaamulan all about?” Let me tell you, it’s a colorful, and super fun celebration of the indigenous culture of Mindanao. Every September, folks from all over gather to see the incredible native dances, listen to traditional music, and feast on some really tasty local food. It’s like a big, cheerful explosion of culture that you just can’t miss!

Next up, we’ve got the Diyandi Festival. Now this one, my friend, is a month-long party in honor of Iligan City’s patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel. If you’re a fan of street dancing, this is your jam! The city streets come alive with dancers decked out in vibrant costumes, moving in rhythm to the beat of the drums. And the grand finale? A mind-blowing showdown on the last Sunday of September.

Then, right when you think you’ve had your fill of festivals, December pops up with the Pasko Fiesta. Christmas in the Philippines is a real treat, I tell you. The Pasko Fiesta takes the holiday spirit to a whole new level. Imagine twinkling lights, festive parols (traditional Filipino Christmas lanterns), and carolers spreading cheer all around. It’s like the city has become a giant Christmas village!

More Festivals

And, hey, if you’re a waterfall enthusiast, you’re in for a treat! The city celebrates the Waterfall Festival, or “Tinago Falls Festival.” The city showcases its beautiful waterfalls, including the majestic Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls. You can take a dip, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty. It’s all about celebrating the wonders of nature.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the Feast of San Miguel. Every 29th of September, folks come together and celebrate with a procession and lots of delicious food. It’s a day filled with devotion, joy, and community spirit.

Iligan City: A Blend of Nature and Culture

Iligan City is not just a place, but an experience. It’s where nature, culture, and adventure intertwine to give you stories worth telling. So, why not pack your bags and give it a whirl? You never know, you might find your next favorite spot in this fantastic city. After all, isn’t life all about discovering new places and creating unforgettable memories? So, are you ready for your next adventure in Iligan City?

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